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Do the gaiters work against viruses?Updated 2 years ago

We have been receiving many inquiries regarding whether our products are an alternative to medical face masks.

Our products have not been designed or certified as protection against viruses or diseases, so they are not suitable for preventing the spread of Covid-19 (SARS-COV-2). Although our multifunctional products cover the entire front of the face (nose, mouth, chin, and neck), they are not scientifically proven to prevent you from contracting or passing a virus/disease/illness to someone else.

In response to the most common questions and concerns regarding our product, please see the below statements:

*Wearva gaiters products are not intended to be used as medical-grade face masks or effective to prevent disease, illness, or the spread of viruses.

*Wearva does not produce or claim to produce products that prevent disease, illness, or the spread of viruses.

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